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Gentle and Lowly pdf book by Dane C. Ortlund is a must have for Christians. it is a book that will help you draw closer to God through the acts of Jesus as outlined in the book. The numerous heartwarming reviews on Gentle and Lowly pdf book: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers, both on amazon and goodreads shows that the book is a must have and of great recommendation. Read reviews on the book down the page.

Gentle and Lowly Summary

Christians can easily feel that Jesus is perpetually disappointed and frustrated, maybe even close to giving up on them. They know what Christ has done for them―but who is he? How does he feel about his people amid all their sins and failures?

In Matthew 11, Jesus describes himself as “gentle and lowly in heart,” longing for his people to find rest in him. This book reflects on his words, diving deep into Bible passages that speak of Christ’s affections for sinners and encouraging believers as they journey, weary and faltering, toward heaven.

Gentle and Lowly Review


About Dane C. Ortlund Author of Gentle and Lowly pdf Book

Dane C. Ortlund
Dane C. Ortlund

Dane C. Ortlund (PhD, Wheaton College) author of Gentle and Lowly pdf Book, is chief publishing officer and Bible publisher at Crossway. He serves as an editor for the Knowing the Bible series and the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series, and is the author of several books, including Gentle and Lowly and Edwards on the Christian Life. He is an elder at Naperville Presbyterian Church in Naperville, Illinois. Dane lives with his wife, Stacey, and their five children in Wheaton, Illinois. 

Gentle and Lowly pdf, Paperback, Hardcover Book Information

gentle and lowly pdf
gentle and lowly pdf
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Crossway (April 7, 2020)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 224 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1433566133
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1433566134
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 13.5 ounces
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.5 x 1 x 8 inches
  • Best Sellers Rank: #378 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
  • #1 in Christian Counseling (Books)
  • #1 in Religious Counseling
  • #1 in Christian Theology (Books)
  • Customer Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars    9,111 ratings

Gentle and Lowly Reviews

T. J. Riley

5.0 out of 5 stars Most difficult book I’ve ever read!
Reviewed in the United States on May 13, 2020

Verified Purchase

This is definitely the most difficult book ever read! The reason is it was so hard to read through the tears. Dane Ortlund really gets across what the heart of Christ is truly like. We have such a poor understanding of the nature of Jesus love for us and this book did such a great job in presenting that. I have been looking for a book like this for a long long time and I’m grateful that I found it. May God bless this author !

Wesley D. Vanfleet

5.0 out of 5 stars We Need to Know Christ’s Heart For Us
Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2020

Verified Purchase

Personally, this book has moved into my top 3 favorite books of all time. Years ago, I read The Heart of Christ by Thomas Goodwin. That book has been my favorite ever since. Ortlund’s Gentle and Lowly makes Goodwin far more accessible. Drawing on some of the most beautiful biblical texts that reveal the heart of Christ, Dane Ortlund writes in a way to help the reader be sure of Christ’s heart for them. Whether it’s through Christ’s present intercession for us, him being an advocate for us, or him loving us until the very end, this book will jumpstart the dead heart as the fountain of God’s love pours grace on to you from the heart of Christ himself. I bought this book for all the leaders in my church so they could be refreshed and be refreshing to others. Get this book.

Wilson Van Hooser

5.0 out of 5 stars Christology at Its Best While Incredibly Heart-Stoking
Reviewed in the United States on April 17, 2020

Verified Purchase

Must buy. Must read. Hard to imagine that any Christian wouldn’t be benefitted by this work. Christ is seen so clearly and majestically in Ortlund’s work. I have already bought 6 copies to give out and have sent the link out numerous times. It’s is theologically robust and clearly in-tune with historical theology. It is also model exposition at times as well. All of this is awesome because I feel confident giving this to an aged saint or an inquisitive unbelieving high schooler. Very few books today have been written like this. You have to go back years to find something like this. This is the second book that I’ve read from Ortlund and he has greatly impacted me with both books. This one though is pure gold. It’s something that I’m turning into a sermon series as well! This is Christology at its best and at its warmest. We need this book during this time. This is a top 5 book for me. I don’t say that lightly. Dane, thank you!


5.0 out of 5 stars Profound little book
Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2020

Verified Purchase

I bought this book on the recommendation of my best friend. I am so grateful to have done so. It is a profound little book that is packed with glorious truths about the heart of Christ toward all who are His. It is a rare teaching, to say the least, as so many times these days there is much teaching that leans toward legalism and chastisement and warning; and rules; and on the other side of the aisle, there is a lot of teaching that is totally not Biblical (i.e. much of the Charismatic teachings that make God our Santa Clause). For one who grew up in a very abusive environment, and never feeling I will ever be good enough in many circles, the truths in this book have touched me more deeply than any other book I have ever read in my life, other than the Bible, itself. Dane Ortlund has a true gift of being able to make his point in ways that deeply touch the heart. This is a book I will read over and over. I have read it very slowly to be able to think about and absorb the truths more deeply. I pray that everyone who does not know the Jesus that Dane Ortlund speaks of in this book is able to get a copy of it and that it is as healing for them as it has been for me. It is one I want to stay on for some time. It is literally life-changing. I have come to a place of understanding there is absolutely nothing I can do about my sin, as I am born a sinful creature, and that will never change this side of eternity. That is not to say that God is not doing a major work of sanctification in my life that will continue till I see Him face to face. But it means that He has such incredible sympathy for us in our fallen condition. It is the most humbling book I have ever read. It has done far more in moving me to pursue holiness than all the teachings and warnings I have heard from the pulpit all the years of my Christian walk. It causes me to want more and more of Jesus and our Father, rather than driving a wedge of condemnation between me and Him.

micah macdonald

5.0 out of 5 stars Top 5 book I’ve ever read!
Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2020

Verified Purchase

Honestly, this book is in the top 5 books I’ve ever read. Not only is it well written, but the research and interaction with source material is excellent given the finitude of works on this facet of the person of Jesus.

The strength of this book is not in the writing, research, beautiful cover however—the strength is in Ortlund’s muse. Jesus, the gentle and lowly Savior, is seen in a new light and it’s in this light cast by Ortlund that Jesus is seen as the Great Savior he is.

I could go on, but I can’t recommend this book high enough if you want to discover a Jesus you’ve heard about but maybe never knew. You will meet him in these pages.

I will never read the gospels the same.

Nate Schill

5.0 out of 5 stars The natural posture of the seeking Savior…
Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2020

Verified Purchase

Through the timeless influence of Puritans such as Goodwin, Bunyan, and Edwards, Dane Ortlund has written a treasure for readers on the heart of the Savior toward sinners. Steadfast in Scripture, these pages discuss not only what Christ has done but also what He is currently doing. Saved, justified, and yet Christ also intercedes (presently, now!) as part of His personal rescue.

Each chapter starts with a key passage that reflects the essence of Jesus’s character and being, highlighting the heart as the “center of who we are.” Scripture describes Him as the epitome of humility. One of my favorite sections was chapter 7, “What Our Sins Evoke,” which unpacks how Jesus draws near with love when we fall short. “He sides with you against your sin, not against you because of your sin.” It can be easy to think He is done with us or will one day grow tired of waiting for us to get it together. Instead, He is…Gentle. Lowly.

These are the qualities that our Savior possesses. These make up His most natural posture. He is accessible, welcoming, gracious, drawn to sinners and sufferers. Beautifully written…Get this book to lift your spirit and know more fully the heart of the Lord then, now, and to the end of the age (Matthew 28:20).

Emma K

4.0 out of 5 stars A Much Needed and Satisfying ReadReviewed in the United Kingdom on April 28, 2020

Verified Purchase

The Puritans undoubtedly left a legacy of bringing the errant Church back to Biblical Truth along with the Apostles’ doctrine and were the foundation stone for the challenge of the great Reformers. So it is very helpful when an author seeks to bring back that ancient path of truth by condensing much of those early Christian writings and arranging them into an easily digestible format for the layman. The works of Thomas Goodwin is our main protagonist and is much quoted in this book; along with other prominent players such as Sibbs, Owen, Flavel and Bunyan. Combine their thoughts with the backing of scripture and you have a very good antidote to much of the heresy and bumbling error in the modern Church today. For this reason alone, Dane Ortland’s book is certainly worth the read.
However, the author does something more. He simplifies those Puritanical musings with an almost contemplative study of an incredible attribute as declared by Christ Himself (Matthew 11:29) that of His Heart of gentleness and humility. An important fact the Christian Church has overlooked for centuries. Yet at the same time this astonishing statement by Christ is balanced with the necessity for God’s anger and punishment of Sin. All is beautifully brought together by the undeniable proof of scripture tying in with the gleanings of those early Christian thinkers. There’s lots of nutritious ‘soul food’ to muse and meditate upon in here and it’s a book I will read time and again.
One dropped star because it can feel a little repetitive at times, but there is much that is still worth chewing over which will be of great benefit to every Christian.

Richard Stewart-Smith

5.0 out of 5 stars Oh what a wonderful insight into the very Heart of God.Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 22, 2020

Verified Purchase

This book makes one discover the very heart of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
It shows us the level of bounteous love which God has for us and that we do not need to strive for this love, yet merely go to Christ and it will be given to us. He is waiting for us. All sins will be forgiven as they were when Christ died upon the cross at Calvary.

You will be moved to tears of joy and relief as you read of the immense love which Christ holds ready for you, should you just offer yourself to Him with an open heart.

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